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Master’s Theses

Download Design Of An FPGA Based Co-Processors For Digital Signal Processing Applications
2014 – Abdullah Giray Yağlıkçı
Download OpenCL Based Image Processing Library For Embedded GPGPUs And A Sample Face Detection Application
2014 – Osman Seçkin Şimşek
Download Content Aware Bitcells Developed To Reduce Static Energy Dissipation For A New SRAM Design: CSRAM
2013 – Fahrettin Koç
Download FIR Filter Energy And Performance Comparison Of GPU And FPGA For Mobile Platforms
2013 – Mehmet Burak Aykenar
Download Exploiting Virtual Addresses For Achieving Fault Tolerance In Microprocessors
2012 – Yaman Çakmakçı
Download Complexity-Effective Rename Table Design For Rapid Speculation Recovery
2011 – Görkem Aşılıoğlu
Download Anomaly Detection Over Network Based On Slowdown Data
2011 – Seçkin Anil Ünlü
Download Tag Simplification : Achieveing Power Efficiency Through Reducing The Complexity Of The Wake Up Logic
2011 – Vehbi Eşref Bayraktar
Download Protecting The Register File Against Soft Errors Using Sram Bit Cells With Built-in Comparators
2010 – Mehmet Kayaalp
Download Cryptography – Steganography System Design And Implementation Using Music
2010 – Muhammet Hamdi Yavuz
Download Register File Partitioning For Energy Efficiency In Microprocessors
2009 – Meltem Özsoy
Download Reducing Static Energy Dissipation Of Data Holding Components Of Modern Microprocessors
2009 – Yusuf Onur Koçberber
Download Producing Three-Dimensional Facial Animation By Modifying Facial Expressions Emotionally And Improving The System With Image Matching
2009 – Yusuf Osmanlıoğlu
Download Soft Error Detection By Using Tag Comperator In Microprocessors
2007 – Gülay Yalçın
Download Low Power Techniques For Superscalar Microprocessors
2007 – Yusuf Sinan Hanay